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Not sure which class is for you?  Here you will find a description for every class we offer.  Like what you see?  Register right from the class links on this page. Still not sure, let us guide you! Call us at 818-605-0585

Sculpt + Tone

A beginner level class that is designed to strengthen, lengthen, and tone your body from tip to toe. This class is ideal for those who are new to Pilates, but also great for the experienced students who want to refine their skills and concentrate on the fundamentals of form and technique. 

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Total Body Burn

An intermediate, fast-paced class focused on total body burn. This workout is ideal for those who want to push themselves to their limits and challenge their coordination, balance and control. Get ready to burn!

* This is an advanced class. At least 3 Sculpt & Tone classes or Privates are required first.

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Suspend + Reform

A Reformer-based workout with the incredibly effective TRX® suspension training system.  The combination of the two will work every muscle head to toe with a strong emphasis on the core. 

* This is an advanced class. Prior Pilates-Reformer experience is required. Bring your gym shoes.

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Power + Core

A high intensity, fat burning cardio workout incorporating Reformer, Springboard and TRX®. This fast-paced class is designed to increase the intensity of your workout. Be prepared to sweat  :)

* This is an advanced class. At least 3 Sculpt & Tone classes or Privates are required first. Bring your gym shoes.

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Cardio Jump & Core

Pump up your heart rate in this FUN, fat burning jumpboard workout. This ultimate cardio class focuses on legs, abs and a$$. Work up a sweat and burn some serious calories.

1..2..3 JUMP!

* This is an advanced class. At least 3 Sculpt & Tone classes or Privates are required first.

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Resistance + Reform

Tone up and work up a sweat with a perfect workout mix of the Reformer and Springboard. This total body workout builds muscle tone and improves balance and coordination. 

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TRX®: Suspend

Improve your core stability, total body strength, balance and flexibility. This challenging workout uses the resistance of your own body weight and gravity using TRX® Suspension Training.

*This is an advanced class. Bring your gym shoes

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Stretch + Renew

Re-center and balance your body. This restorative class is ideal for anyone looking to increase their range of motion, relieve muscle tension and just feel good!  Come unwind with us and work on your flexibility.

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Happy Hour

An open level Pilates class designed to lengthen, strengthen and increase flexibility. You’ll tone your thighs, back, abs, arms and booty. This total-body workout will leave you feeling toned, long and lean!

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Abs & A$$

This class is dedicated to toning and sculpting those oh so desirable areas of the body. Properly engaging these muscles can help you obtain a flatter looking abdomen, better posture and will perk up your butt in no time!

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